Red Sled In the News

USA Today "Talk about joy rides...It's a perfect book for reading aloud, especially by expressive readers who can do justice to a walk in the snow: Scrinch scrunch scrinch scrunch scrinch scrunch."

Washington Post ".. a delightful winter book for very young readers. Each double-page spread features a serene snowscape bathed in moonlight, the perfect foil for the explosive humor of the animals' antics."  

PEOPLE "Just the right blend of danger and delight, this book is perfect for a wintry night.",,20552540,00.html  

San Francisco Chronicle "It's strikingly original and totally inspired."  

Concord Monitor "As with many a treasured children's book, the details are left to the fertile young imagination...the book is exactly what a book about sledding should be: pure fun."  

Book Page "Parents and kids will enjoy this sweet, energy-filled tale."!  

Shelf Awareness "Like the red sled's riders, young readers will be pleading, AGAIN!"  

Newburyport News, Newburyport, MA "Charmingly depicted"  

Ithaca Child "A delicate, beautiful book about the wonder of winter and play."  

Winter Indie List "This is my new favorite snow book! The minimal text highlighted with fun sound effects is complemented by beautiful art...In this sweet and wonderful picture book, Judge successfully captures all of the joy of a great sled ride."

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