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Bagdad Elementary School in Leander, Texas

Yay, the first grade class of Bagdad Elementary School in Leander, Texas has joined our gang of red hat toting readers! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a book release more than with Red Hat, I feel so lucky every time someone sends me a picture for the contest. It is so much fun to get things from readers and I’m in awe of all the creative ways people are showing me their red hats. Thank you to all who have contributed so far!! What fun this is.


Ok, I’m going to keep this a short entry today and let the picture speak for itself – plus beatrix (my parrot) is on my shoulder right now and she’s eaten two keys off my keyboard already! Its time for her to go back on her perch and me to get some work done.


Book Launch Party for Red Hat!!

I’m just back from a wonderful whirlwind in NYC, launching Red Hat, and playing with my God-daughter!


First of all, I have to send a huge thanks to everyone at Simon & Schuster for welcoming me on Friday!! We had a delightful party to launch the release of Red Hat with mini red and green cupcakes and everyone adorning little red hats. What fun!! I so appreciated everyone taking the time to celebrate this occasion and I felt very fortunate to get to know everyone a little better at S&S. I am blessed to be at this house with such wonderfully creative and passionate people. It really was an extraordinary experience for me. A huge thanks to my editor, Namrata Tripathi, and to everyone who put this all together!!



Then Dave and I took time to play with Uma, our God-Daughter. After a very long winter we were treated to a lovely spring day in NY and enjoyed Uma’s first outdoor picnic. And if our few of days in the city weren’t momentous enough, Uma stood up all by herself and walked across the living room! Big steps for our little one - Dave and I were pretty excited not to miss this huge accomplishment. It is such a joy spending time with Uma. I kind of feel like I spend everyday with her in a way though, because everything I write and draw now at the easel is with the thought of reading and sharing it with her someday. Her joyful self is such an inspiration to me.


And for the NY finale, I participated in a group signing at Books of Wonder with several other authors and illustrators on Sunday. For anyone who hasn’t been there, Books of Wonder is a must see stop if you love children’s books – it’s a pure treasure trove of children’s books and art. I’ve visited many times when coming to the city so it was a thrill to signs lots of books and talk with other folks who love Books of Wonder as Dave and I do. Thank you Peter and Shay for having us there and giving us such a warm reception!


Info on the event is at Books of Wonder.


Red Hat is out!

Red Hat was released yesterday!

Lita will be at the Books of Wonder in New York City on Sunday, March 10 from 1-3pm. More info on the event is at the Books of Wonder events page. She'll be at the Toadstool in Peterborough on March 16, 11am.

We received our first set of Red Hat Contest entries from a classroom this week -- Temple Elementary School. Here are some:

And we got this interesting one: