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Author: Dave


Summer Notes

A few weeks ago we were invited to Nami's Sixth Annual Cheesefest in Central Park. (Nami is Lita's editor at Hyperion—they are just starting work on their fifth book together.) We were in New York already that weekend because of a family wedding so it couldn't have been better timing. It was a hot day in the sun, but was perfect under the trees just outside of Sheep Meadow. Nami and her husband Quinn are never without guitars so we were treated to some great songs and music (and 26 varieties of cheese). Nami and Quinn But despite requests from the audience, they didn't play (the Effin Gs) Randolph Caldecott. Perhaps they're still working on the acoustic version. They have a web site for their band here. A few days later we heard from Nami again with some good news—One Thousand Tracings has just gone back for it's 3rd printing, and this print run is the biggest one yet!

Michigan Public Radio Interview

Lita spoke last week with Charity Nebbe, the host of Michigan Public Radio's All Things Considered. There's a link to the Michigan NPR page here. Or you can listen to the interview by clicking on the start button below: (It's about 6 minutes long -- please let me know if the audio gadget has any problems...)

First copy of Mogo

We just received our first copy of Mogo, The Third Warthog! We're so excited that the book will be available soon -- by July 1st. Mogo, The Third Warthog This is the second Donna Jo Napoli book Lita has illustrated (the other one was Ugly). Here are a few of the interior illustrations: Rhino from Mogo Zebra from Mogo Baboon from Mogo When Lita was assigned this project we didn't have time to go to Africa, but we did spend many days at the San Diego Zoo. Lita sketched critters all day long and we had a great trip. Here's a picture of one of the warthogs that inspired Lita's Mogo: Warthog, San Diego Zoo, Mogo

Spring Bear Adventures

Lots going on lately -- outside the studio... Studio Bear and inside the studio... Darwin Kitty A friend of ours provided a caption for this picture of Pu: "Darwin kitty stays indoors today." It's fun to have a bear in the neighborhood again this spring. Lita and her parents have been following the adventures of bears for years. Here's one of my favorite pre-digital photos of a Yellowstone bear: Yellowstone Bear (Photo by Dale and Elva Paulson) And here's one of my favorite Lita drawings of a Yellowstone bear (with two cubs): Yellowstone Bear

Foundation for Children's Books

Foundation for Children’s Books

New England Voices: Three Area Authors Read from their New Books Free & Open to the Public Tuesday May 20, 2008 7:30 p.m. Join us for an evening of readings from Barbara O'Connor, Susan Goodman and Lita Judge Barbara O'Connor will read from her latest middle-grade novel Greetings from Nowhere. Barbara has written 14 novels and biographies for children and her books have won the Massachusetts Book Award and the Parents' Choice Award. "O'Connor's knack for well-developed characters and feisty protagonists is evident, as is her signature Southern charm."-School Library Journal Susan Goodman will read from See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes and the Race to the White House. Susan is the author of dozens of non-fiction books for kids. Using witty anecdotes and clear explanations, Goodman takes readers from the birth of democracy to the Electoral College; from front-porch campaigning to hanging chads. Illustrated by Ellwood Smith. Lita Judge will read from One Thousand Tracings: Healing the Wounds of World War II, a 2008 ALA Notable Children's Book, which she wrote and illustrated. "Based on a true story of the author's grandmother and mother, this touching bit of history humanizes war and demonstrates the difference a few people can make."- Kirkus Reviews Note: new location at Walsh Hall, Boston College (behind Vanderslice Hall) This event includes book sales from the Children's Book Shop and signing, as well as refreshments. Free and Open to the Public. No registration necessary. Bring your friends and colleagues to introduce them to the FCB! Where and When: Walsh Hall, Boston College Tuesday, May 20 7:30 p.m. For more information: The Foundation for Children's Books The Foundation for Children's Books P.O.Box 320284 21 Stratford Street Boston, Massachusetts 02132-0003 617-469-7222 The Foundation for Children's Books (FCB), a nonprofit, educational organization, was founded in 1983 to assist the professionals who most directly influence young readers: teachers, librarians, and parents. We achieve this through professional development programs, including a dynamic speaker series, innovative conferences and workshops, as well as through author visits and residencies in under-served schools.


IRA Atlanta Itinerary

Last week I joined Lita at her events, in Michigan and then in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today, Lita is on her own and headed down to Atlanta for the International Reading Association Conference. She has a full and deserving schedule of dinners and parties in the evenings. The award luncheon is on Thursday—One Thousand Tracings won the 2008 IRA Children's Book Award for Primary Fiction. We also heard that one of the IRA special interest groups on "Engaging Literacy Learners with a Global View" is announcing a list of Notable Books for a Global Society and One Thousand Tracings is on that list. Lita will be doing two autographing events: at the Anderson's Bookstore Booth (#2452) on Wednesday from 2-3 pm, and at the Hyperion Booth (#1958) from 10-11 am on Thursday. Please stop over and see her if you're at the conference.

Under the Table

Lita is over in Nashua this weekend at the New England SCBWI conference. Apparently she lent her laptop to Kevin Hawkes for the afternoon keynote. I was out yesterday, but when I got home there was a whispered message about the projector not working, and 600 people in the audience, and I could hear Kevin delivering his talk in the background, and Lita said something about being under a table with a bunch of wires and a couple of confused tech guys. These conferences sound fun, maybe I should start going. Bugle Blog I'm proud to say that Lita got the laptop and projector working with about 5 seconds to spare -- after the tech guys gave up. If they had listened to Lita in the first place there never would have been a problem...

NCTE Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts -- One Thousand Tracings

One Thousand Tracings was selected as a 2008 Notable Children's book in the Language Arts! This list of thirty books was selected by a committee of the Children’s Literature Assembly of NCTE. We saw the announcement and the full list of titles at Educating Alice. CLA Don't you think the Children's Literature Assembly has a great logo (Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes)?

Hogwood Steps Out

Lita is in snowy New Hampshire but I'm back in California where the poppies are in full bloom. And with the coming of spring, our good friend, Howard Mansfield, has a new book out next month—Hogwood Steps Out: A Good, Good Pig Story. Check out the good, good review today at Just One More Book. Hogwood Steps Out Lita and I love pigs. Last year at the IRA conference in Toronto, we made a special trip to visit a pig farm just north of the city. This wasn't just a pig farm—these pigs had been rescued from precarious situations (I'm sure you can imagine what I mean) and are now living in luxury accommodations on the side of a large pond with nice clean mud and shade trees. Look how happy they are... Pig Farm Pig Farm 2 Good luck to Hogwood!

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Lita visited the 1st and 2nd graders at Pompositticut School in Stow, MA yesterday. A lot of the presentation was about dinosaurs so we wanted to post a link to Lita's dinosaur coloring pages. Dinosaur Coloring Book They're also available here.