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A Call to Teachers!

Please join us in creating an activity for Flight School!

One of the most fulfilling aspects to my life as a creator of children’s books is when I hear how teachers are using my books in classrooms to excite kids passion for reading, creating, and learning. I have been fortunate that so many teachers have given their time and energy to create activities and lessons around my books. But often I only hear of these efforts through perusing others’ blogs. I thought it would be wonderful to collaborate a little more directly with teachers.


A collaboration of this kind seems appropriate for Flight School. This is a story about a little penguin with the soul of an eagle who finds his way to a place where birds teach birds to fly. Only through the perseverance and kindness of his teachers does this little penguin get to lift off in the wind. In the spirit of the book, I would like to work with you.


Any teacher that would like to participate is welcome! Please create a craft or activity around the book, Flight School, and post it to your blog, pinterest, or facebook site, or just share it with your fellow teachers and classes. And send me a copy of the activity so I can post it to my blog and website. Photos of your classroom activities that I can post, to share with my readers, and inspire others, would be much appreciated!

Then as a huge thank you, to show my appreciation for the work you do, I will send you a signed limited print from an illustration in the book to share with your classroom.

Create Activities for Flight School!

Download these printable instructions to get started.



Story Walk

I received a lovely e-mail from Jennifer Knauer who celebrated her son's 5th birthday by hosting a story walk birthday party with Red Hat! If you haven't heard of story walk, here's a link to learn more about it. This amazing activity for families to celebrate and embrace stories was established by Anne Ferguson (Montpelier VT) and The Kellogg Hubbard Library.

Following the story Board tradition, Jennifer laminated the illustrations from the book and presented them (in the same order as in the book) along the path. After Dylan's birthday celebration, they gave the Story Walk materials to the ParentChild Center in Orange County, Vermont, so that the families in that program may continue to use it.

I just love activities like this -- Dylan and his friends and all their families romping through the woods playing follow-the-leader and other silly twirling games as they followed the 1/2 mile of hiking trails to find each of the laminated spreads of the story, then ending with a picnic and hot cider. It sounded like the perfect scamper through the woods for everyone and it makes me very happy to think my book Red Hat was a part of this lovely day.

I hope more families discover this amazing program and enjoy!


Coloring pages for How Big Were Dinosaurs!

I'm woefully behind on providing an activity around my book, How Big were Dinosaurs?, but some dear young readers have inspired me. So I have just created coloring pages from the book. These can be downloaded as a pdf file from my website or from my pinterest site. I hope they offer a launching off point for activities in classrooms and at home with little ones who are interested in the topic of dinosaurs. I remember as a youngster, I drew and drew and drew, mostly dinosaurs. I believe this passion is what led me to take the plunge into a career as a writer and illustrator. So I plan to provide more activities in the future around my books, in hopes they foster creativity and imagination with my young readers.



Download these new dinosaur coloring book pages for How Big Were Dinosaurs. Includes Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus.